Supplier Responsibility

We care deeply about the people who build our products, and the planet we all share. So we hold ourselves and our suppliers to the highest standards to ensure everyone is treated with dignity and respect. And we share our work openly so others can follow our?lead.

Our supply chain is global. So is our responsibility.

Apple products are made all over the world. We work with suppliers, from mining to recycling, to verify that our requirements are being met for the people and communities in our supply chain. In 2018, a total of 1049 supplier assessments were conducted in 45?countries.

We keep raising our standards. And the industry’s, too.

The Apple Supplier Code of Conduct consistently sets the bar high for safe, respectful workplaces and environmental protections. The Code applies to our partners at all levels and must be upheld even when it exceeds local, regional, and country?laws.

A safe and respectful workplace for everyone.

We require our suppliers to treat their employees with dignity and respect. They must provide fair working hours, a safe workplace, and an environment free from discrimination. From day one, they must inform their employees of these rights and guarantee anonymous channels to voice concerns if they?arise.

Over 17.3M people have been trained on their rights since 2007.

Supplier employees are educated on their workplace rights and how to speak up anonymously if they feel those rights?are threatened.

The highest requirements for workplace safety.

Suppliers must provide appropriate safety equipment and protocols and training to manage risks on the job. Our rigorous assessments drive compliance.

We?require suppliers?to?ensure fair?working?hours.

For more than a decade, Apple has been one of the few companies to closely drive and report on working-hours compliance.

We?have?zero tolerance?for debt-bonded?labor.

We prohibit forced labor of any kind, and suppliers must take immediate action or risk removal from our supply?chain.

Building opportunities for those who build our?products.

We have provided educational programs to more than 3.6 million supplier employees since 2008. These programs enable people in our supply chain to acquire new skills and advance their careers, whether that’s learning a new language or earning a?degree.

New skills, degrees, and pathways to advancement.

Our educational programs, which span everything from life skills to college degrees, have helped millions pursue personal and professional growth.

The language of technology belongs to?everyone.

Of those who took our App Development and Swift course in 2018, 68 percent had little to no coding experience. Now they can build an?app.

Educational opportunities deeper in?our supply chain.

We continuously challenge ourselves to expand our educational programs and provide skill-building opportunities to more people, in more parts of our supply chain.

Health education for?more supplier employees.

We provide resources and education in nutrition, personal care, and maternal health. We will expand these programs to one million supplier employees by 2020.

Greener factories, greener communities.

Every year we deepen our partnerships with suppliers to protect the planet. Together we’re conserving more energy and water, adopting safer chemicals, and eliminating waste through hands-on, collaborative programs. And as we drive our suppliers toward best practices that go beyond their factories, we openly share what we learn to accelerate our collective positive impact on the?planet.

Cleaner?water, from?the?factory to?the?community.

In 2018, we went beyond water conservation to water stewardship, an?effort that benefits the communities where our products are made.

Establishing?new norms?with?safer, greener?chemicals.

Apple has set the standard for safer chemical use, and they are sharing their process openly for others to follow.

Alisa Gravitz, CEO, Green America

Partnering to help more?suppliers get to?zero waste.

All final assembly facilities for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple?Watch, AirPods, and HomePod are now UL Zero Waste to Landfill certified.

Going further to combat climate change.

In 2018, our suppliers reduced annualized carbon emissions by more than 466,000 metric tons — equivalent to taking 100,000 cars off the road for a?year.

Partnerships drive our progress.

Regular assessments measure supplier performance against the Supplier Code of Conduct and identify opportunities for improvement. Even when suppliers face challenges, our teams work together closely to build capabilities that help them meet our requirements. Suppliers who are unwilling or unable to improve risk removal from our supply?chain.

A track record of improvement. Supported by data.

Supplier performance is scored according to a rigorous assessment process that measures how well our standards are being met. In 2018, assessments were conducted at 770 manufacturing facilities, logistics and repair centers, retail stores, and contact centers. An additional 279 assessments occurred at smelter- and mine-level?sites.

  • 2018 76% High performers
  • 2018 23% Medium performers
  • 2018 1% Low performers
  • 2017 59% High performers
  • 2017 40% Medium performers
  • 2017 1% Low performers
  • 2016 47% High performers
  • 2016 50% Medium performers
  • 2016 3% Low performers
  • 2015 36% High performers
  • 2015 58% Medium performers
  • 2015 6% Low performers
  • 2014 26% High performers
  • 2014 60% Medium performers
  • 2014 14% Low performers

Creating a ripple effect that drives change.

Our commitment to people and the planet doesn’t end at our supply chain. We seek to be an example for others to follow, openly sharing our progress to accelerate industrywide change. And we’re proud of the global recognition we’ve received for our efforts. But we know our work will never be done, because we believe that if we aren’t finding ways to improve, we aren’t looking hard?enough.

Combatting forced labor.

Awarded the 2018 Stop Slavery Award by the Thomson Reuters Foundation

Creating a greener supply chain.

Awarded top ranking by the Corporate Information Transparency Index five years in a row

Driving safer chemicals.

Awarded an A+ rating and ranked first out of 40 retailers by Mind the Store

We believe that business, at its best, serves the public good, empowers people around the world, and binds us together as never?before.

Tim Cook

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